Welcome to Your Official Class Apparel Online Ordering Service

All orders must be received two (2) weeks before the first day of class.  You have the choice of having your order shipped directly to you (shipping charges will apply) or having your order shipped directly to the school. Shipping directly to the school is free. Shipping to students home address is a charge of $20.00.

Uniform gear mandated by the program is marked as “Required Gear” other items are approved for use by the program director.  Items not specifically required may or may not be used during the program depending on circumstances and activity conducted during training.

All items include proper logo unless otherwise specified. The EMS, EMT and Fire Academies are bundled into this one store. Be assured when you select your academy your logos will match your order.

Additional purchases can be made and additional items are available.  Please visit our web-site at for additional selections.